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Welcome at washi.org.
Hello. I hope you will find here, what you are looking for. Enjoy.
Petr Hrehorovsky

2018-08-18 - Calligraphy and Japanese
My friend is back from Japan again and he's starting courses of calligraphy and Japanese. If you're interested check his pages kaligraf.cz and kurzjaponstiny.cz.
2018-01-04 - PF 2018
2017-10-26 - Year in Photos
Added photos made through this year during past couple days.
2017-01-02 - PF 2017
2016-11-24 - Year in Photos
Added photos made during the past 14 months.
2016-01-01 - PF 2016
2015-11-26 - Summer 2015 Photos
Added photos made during this summer.
2015-01-01 - PF 2015
2014-10-28 - 2014 Photos
Added photos made during this year.
2014-04-13 - Karlovy Vary and Tuscany
Added photos made during trips to Karlovy Vary and Tuscany last year.
2013-12-31 - PF 2014
2013-09-12 - Spring Photos and www.japonskyjazyk.com
Spring photos were added to the galleries and new version of www.japonskyjazyk.com is online.
2013-04-21 - Amon, Evelína and Prague
New photos...
2012-12-30 - PF 2013
2012-12-16 - Summer Photos
Summer Photos were added to the galleries.
2012-11-11 - www.aikido-prague.com
New version of aikido-prague.com is already online for a couple weeks.
2012-07-29 - Spring Photos And Delivered Project
I've added photos made in spring and delivered ImageUpload project.
2012-04-22 - www.kaligraf.cz
Website on japenese calligraphy is online.
2012-03-25 - New Photos
Photo of Prague and 2 photos of Evelína in Prague.
2012-02-12 - www.aquagen.cz
I've delivered website for ceramic tiles business.
2012-02-12 - Last October Photos
Photos of Amon and Evelína from last October.
2012-01-01 - PF 2012
2011-11-07 - Summer Photos
Amon, Evelína, Natálie, Aneta and Radka.
2011-08-22 - Amon, Evelína, Linda and Nikola
New photos...
2011-06-04 - Amon, Evelína, Chiho and Soudai
I've established gallery for Evelína. And I've added new photos to other galleries.
2011-04-13 - Evelína
Our daughter Evelína has joined us today at 13:03 CET.
2011-04-11 - Aneta
Portrait of Aneta was added to gallery.
2011-04-10 - Photos of Amon
End of the year, beginning of the year.
2011-01-01 - PF 2011
2010-11-14 - Photos of Amon
Summer of Amon.
2010-06-20 - Photos
Photos of Amon and photos of the fog.
2010-05-07 - SIMPLICOR
I've finished project for Flex UI for CRM/ERP.
2010-03-19 - www.mi-ju.cz
Website for bijouterie designer.
2010-02-21 - Photos of Amon
Birthday party.
2009-12-22 - PF 2010
2009-12-20 - Photos of Amon
October, November...
2009-10-03 - Photos, Photos, Photos...
Here, here and here...
2009-08-21 - Another Possibility How To Learn Japanese in Prague
You can hire friend of mine.
2009-07-14 - New Photos in Gallery
Karlín (Prague), Amsterdam, Karlín (Prague)...
2009-06-29 - Photos of Amon
Obora Hvězda, Prague.
2009-06-20 - Photos of Amon
Prague, Amsterdam, Prague...
2009-05-23 - Last Photos from Last Year
Four photos made last autumn were added to the gallery.
2009-05-02 - New Photo in Gallery
The first outcome of our trip to Amsterdam was added to the gallery.
2009-04-11 - Photos of Amon
I've added batch of the photos covering his first two months of life.
2009-04-01 - New Contract
As of today, I work for Advantage Solutions.
2009-03-09 - New Photo in Gallery
The portrait made last September was uploaded.
2009-01-27 - Amon
Our first son Amon was born today at 17:00 CET.
2008-12-27 - PF 2009
2008-12-08 - Photoshelter Collection

They're out of stock photography business.
So am I.
Well sort of...

2008-09-16 - Employed Again...

Summer is away, time to work...
Adastra was keen to hire me again,
so there's no need to hesitate.

2008-08-28 - Spanish Wedding

I was invited to the Spanish wedding.
Some photos were added to my regular gallery,
but whole set is located in its own one.

2008-08-22 - New Photos in Gallery
I've added two shots made in August.
2008-07-13 - Back in Prague
We've moved back to the Czech Republic.
2008-07-02 - Contract with Kuoni is over
I've added delivered projects and those I was busy with lately.
2008-06-23 - Photos made in May and June
New addition to the gallery.
2008-05-24 - Delivered Projects
2 projects were added to Software Development section.
2008-05-11 - Photos from April
I've uploaded 4 shots made in April to the gallery.
2008-04-20 - Gallery Filled
I've finished uploading photos from the archive to the gallery. From now on, only contemporary photos will be added.
2008-03-01 - Gallery Reopened
Gallery of my photos is reopened. Something ends, something starts...
2008-01-30 - New Version Started
Slight changes, but I declare them as the 3rd version of my homepage.